Business Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

  1. Valid, signed U.S. passport valid for at least 6 months beyond stay in Belarus, with at least TWO blank passport pages. Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for visa stamps.
  2. One Completed and signed Application. Every question must be answered and properly completed using block letters. Please answer N/A if a question does not apply to you. If the answer is none, please write NONE.
  3. One 2X2 passport style color photograph with a plain white background. The photograph should be stapled to the upper right-hand corner of the application. Be careful not to staple the face.
  4. An original letter of invitation from an agency, company or organization in the Republic of Belarus, which is a registered as a legal entity by the Belarusian authorities. A letter of invitation should be printed on the official letterhead with a registration number, date of issue, and should bear the signature of an official and a corporate seal. It should also indicate the expected duration of the applicants stay in Belarus. An inviting party must provide written guarantees that an invitee will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus.
  5. A business letter of responsibility is required to be typewritten on your company letterhead and addressed to the embassy, explaining nature of business to be performed, name and address of business reference in country to be visited, guarantee of return transportation and sufficient funds for the visit. This letter must be signed by an officer of the company other than the applicant.
  6. Proof of international health insurance specifically covering travel to Belarus with minimum medical coverage of $13,500USD/$10,000EUR.
  7. Completed Monument Visa order form
  8. (Optional) Prepaid return envelope. For an additional fee. We will provide this service to you.

Embassy Fees

Entries Validity Length of stay Processing Time Embassy Fees Service Fee Total Cost
Single 90 days 90 days 5 days $70 $60 $130.00
Single 90 days 90 days Next Day $135 $80 $215.00
Double 90 days 90 days 5 days $100 $60 $160.00
Double 90 days 90 days Next Day $200 $80 $280.00
Multiple 90 days 90 days 5 days $135 $60 $195.00
Multiple 90 days 90 days Next Day $270 $80 $350.00
Multiple 1 Year 90 days 5 days $170 $60 $230.00
Multiple 1 Year 90 days Next Day $335 $80 $415.00

Please forward all documents to:

Monument Visa Service
12587 Fair Lakes Circle Suite 331
Fairfax Virginia 22033

All documents should be sent via UPS or FedEx. Please call us at 1-800-995-6924 when documents are ready so we can track your package.