Document Types:

  1. Government Documents:

Government-issued documents are any document or certificate issued by a Federal, State or Local govt. entity.  These documents do not require notarization.

Examples of Government Issued Documents:

  • Documents issued by federal agencies such as the: Food & Drug Administration
  • S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • S. Dept. of Homeland Security
  • S. Dept. of Agriculture, etc…
  • **Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death certificates
  • FBI Background Checks.

**PLEASE NOTE: Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates must be Authenticated by the Secretary of State that issued them before sending to Monument Visa.

  1. General Documents:

General documents are any document or certificate NOT issued by a Federal or State Government.

Examples of General Documents:

  • Corporate documents such as:
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Corporate Formation Documents
    • Distributorship Agreements
    • Company bylaws
    • Good standing certificates
    • Minutes of board meetings
    • Affidavits
  • Academic Documents such as:
    • Accreditation letters
    • Authorization letters to obtain academic records
    • TEFL/CELTA/TESOL Certificates
    • Degrees
    • Diplomas
    • Official Transcripts
    • Teaching certification
    • Verification letters from the registrar’s office
  • Other Documents that are NOT issued by a Govt. entity where authentication may be requested.