Chinese Legalization

China Legalization

Authenticate your Diploma, Police Check and TEFL to submit to government authorities in China.

FBI Apostille

FBI Apostille

Need to submit your FBI Check abroad? You will need an apostille stamp.

Visa Services

Visa Services

Some countries, like China, will require a visa in order for US citizens to enter the country.

Document Legalization

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My recruiter recommended Monument Visa to help me with getting my work documents authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. They were fast and amazing!

Amber Booher, Monument Visa

I was in South Korea when I needed to authenticate my Chinese work documents. Other companies told me I would have to FedEx my originals plus other things that I couldn’t have done. Monument Visa was a life saver.

Nigel Acosta, Monument Visa

I was changing jobs in China and needed to get my new police check authenticated. Monument Visa made this too simple, it was too good to be true.

Tori Valdez, Monument Visa

Monument Visa- Your Trusted Agent for All Your Needs

Monument Visa is a family owned company established in 1998, providing you with a various range of services from Chinese visas, for both business and leisure travelers; to basic document notarization services. We also help with US passport applications for those who plan on working abroad and we help with legal authentication of your University Diploma, Criminal Background Checks, and other work related certificates. Although we are not a government organization, we are registered with the Chinese Embassy in order to help process Chinese Visa Applications; as well as authentication for people who wish not to visit the Chinese Embassy in person. Since the Chinese Consulate or Embassy do not accept mailed-in applications, the only way to to apply for a Chinese visa or document authentication is either by a in person visit or through a service agency like Monument Visa.

Our website has a list of all the visa services we provide, as well as the legalization and Chinese authentication services. Whatever your needs may be, please follow our simple instructions and place your order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message via email or through our contact form. We usually will reply all inquiries within 1 hour during business hours.