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Monument Visa is a family owned company established in 1998. We provide expedited services for the Authentication or Apostille of documents for use in foreign countries. Consider Monument Visa Service as your primary Document Authentication company if you are looking for a detailed oriented, family owned company that is readily accessible to the U.S. State Department and Embassies in Washington, DC. Every month, we process hundreds of documents destined for use across the globe. Whether you need an FBI apostilled at the US Department of State or need complete Embassy Legalization, we are the trusted source for all of your document needs.

Our website has a list of all the services we provide. Whatever your needs may be, please follow our simple instructions to place an order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message via email or through our contact form. We will reply to all inquiries within 1 hour during business hours.

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My recruiter recommended Monument Visa to help me with getting my work documents authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. They were fast and amazing!

Amber Booher, Monument Visa

I was in South Korea when I needed to authenticate my Chinese work documents. Other companies told me I would have to FedEx my originals plus other things that I couldn’t have done. Monument Visa was a life saver.

Nigel Acosta, Monument Visa

I was changing jobs in China and needed to get my new police check authenticated. Monument Visa made this too simple, it was too good to be true.

Tori Valdez, Monument Visa