Document Legalization

Document Legalization

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Do you need Expedited Document Authentication/ Apostille services?

Monument Visa Service provides expedited services for the Authentication or Apostille of documents for use in foreign countries. Consider Monument Visa Service as your primary Document Authentication company if you are looking for a detailed family-owned company that is readily accessible to the U.S. State Department and Embassies in Washington, DC. Every month, we process hundreds of documents destined for use across the globe. Whether you need a document certified at the county, state, or federal level, or require full embassy legalization, we are the #1 choice for all your authentication needs. We are specialists in dealing with clients having document attestation requirements for countries such as UAE, Qatar, Egypt, UAE and many more. We offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our fees are all Inclusive. All Government and Consulate fees are included. You can expect to pay between 40% to 50% more using another service. We are a family-run business and believe in charging a fair and affordable rate for our services. We will walk you through the entire process. Contact our office today.

Apostille/Authentication Services:

  • All Fees charged by the US Dept. of State and Embassies are included
  • Free domestic return shipping
  • Discounted international shipping is available
  • All orders are processed within 24 hours

US Department of State Apostille:

For Federal and Personal Documents that only require US Dept. of State Certification
$55.00 – Per Document

Processing Time: 4 Business Days

State Apostille:

$55.00 -Per Document (1-2 business days)

Embassy Legalization (Includes US Dept. of State and Embassy Fees):

  • Cambodia: $200 per document Processing Time: 7-9 Business Days
  • Vietnam: $150 per Document Processing Times: 7 Business Days
  • UAE: (Personal) $150.00 per Document Processing Time: 7-9 Business Days
  • UAE: (Business) $700.00 for the first—- $650.00 for each additional Processing Time: 7-9 Business Days
  • Thailand: $125.00 per Document Processing Time: 10 Business Days


In order to use Monument Visa Services document authentication and apostille services, please send us your notarized documents along with a completed ORDER FORM. If a document needs to be legalized by more than one country, please send us a separate certified original of the document for each country.