Planning to Drive in another Country? 

If you are planning on driving in another country, you may be asked to obtain an apostille on a copy of your drivers license or driving record. Here at Monument Visa we can complete the entire process for you. All we need from you is a clear copy of the front and back of your license or clear copy of your driving record uploaded to the order form. We then complete all steps for you. Please see the steps below.

Step 1.  Monument Visa only needs a clear scan or picture of the front and back of your drivers license to be uploaded onto the order form. You do not have to mail your original license to us.

Step 2: Once the order form is submitted. We print out your license or driving record and confirm with you that we have everything we need.

Step 3: Your license/driving record is then notarized by a local notary. We then submit to the State Office to be Apostilled. Turnaround time is about 1 business day.

Step 4: When you are ready to move forward please click the order now button at the bottom of the page.  

Important Tips/Things To Know

  • Please do not notarize your document. We complete the notary step for you. If already notarized, we will put another notary stamp on it.
  • Please make sure your  scan is clear/legible
  • As long as all documents are being returned to the same address you may upload multiple documents for as many  people as you like to same order form.
  •  For any further questions please email us at


Fee Chart 

Unlike other document agencies who charge upwards of $195.00 per document, We believe in charging a fair rate for our service.

Our Fee is $55.00 per Apostille.  

Mailing Address:
Monument Visa Service
3925 Old Lee Highway Suite 53B
Fairfax, VA 22030
Toll Free  1-800-995-6924
Local    202-559-9325