FBI and Birth/Marriage Certificates Instructions

If you are needing to authenticate your FBI Criminal Records Check, Birth/Marriage Certificates, please read the instructions here before submitting your order form.
FBI Criminal Records Check:
If you received a digital copy of your FBI CRC directly from the FBI or an FBI channeler, then you may upload the pdf to our order form. This pdf is an original document and can be legalized by the Embassy.
If you only received a copy through the mail then we would need that copy mailed to our office.
Scans/Photocopies of FBI background checks are not accepted by the State Department.
Birth/Marriage Certificates:
If you plan on bringing your spouse or children to accompany you when you teach English in China, you will need to authenticate your marriage/birth certificates.
Marriage and Birth Certificates must be authenticated by the Secretary of State that issued them before sending to us.  If you need assistance with this step please contact us for a quote.  support@monumentvisa.com