M Visa for China
Application Instructions and Requirements

Are you looking for M Visa for China?

Monument Visa Service is now accepting M Visa applications for China. If you need to apply for a M visa for China in our Embassy, you MUST be IN the US now. If currently you are NOT IN the US, your visa application will not be processed. M visa is issued to those foreigners who intend to work in China. Foreign citizens must obtain a M Visa before entry into China.

 Fee for M Visa for China: $285 plus return shipping

Documents to be Completed and Mailed to our office:

  • Original signed passport with at least 6 months of validity AND at least Two blank visa pages. Yes, you will have to mail us your passport. The Embassy needs your passport so they can attach your work visa to one of the blank pages.
  • One recent Passport Photo: Must be exactly 48 mm tall by 33 mm wide. All electronic photo submissions must be taken within the last six months against an all-white background. It must show a full-frontal view of your head, face centered in the middle, the tops of your shoulders, and display a neutral (non-smiling) expression with eyes open, mouth closed, and ears visible. No background light or shadows are permitted. You may not wear eyeglasses, jewelry, or headwear except for religious purposes. Do not wear a white shirt.
  • Proof of Residence: A photocopy of the driver’s license or major utility bill with your name and address is required. We can only process applications for Applicants who have a driver’s license or major utility bill from one of the following States:
  • Where you Stay Form: You need be in the US when you are applying for the Chinese Visa in the US. Please complete the form by hand and sign it.
    Please Click Here to Download Where you stay form.
  •  Completed and Signed China Visa Application Click here for the form:
    1. Your photo must be uploaded successfully.
    2. The Surname, Given Name you fill MUST match exactly as shown in your passport’s bio page. Check your passport before filling them in.
    3. Gender, Date of birth, Nationality, Passport number, etc. must be exactly the same as the passport bio page.
    4. All entries in the form must be filled in truthfully, accurately, and completely. Any mistakes or omissions will cause the visa application to be rejected.
    5. For Work Experience: position, duty, must be filled out completely. If your work experience is more than 10 years, at least 10 years of that should be provided.
    6. For Education: Both College and High school information should be provided. College Diploma/Degree, Major must be filled out completely.
    7. Spouse’s address, Parents address must be the current address of where they are staying, must be COMPLETE ADDRESS including street, city, state, country.
    8. Entries that are “NOT APPLICABLE” need a statement to back up and must be explained in detail.
    9. Please print out and submit only single-sided pages of the application.
    10. Sign and Date application.
  •  Official letter of invitation from your sponsor or host. The organization you will be visiting is responsible for obtaining the invitation. This letter must:
    • Include the dates and length of your stay
    • Include your name as printed in your passport
    • Specifically request a ‘M’ visa
  • Photocopy of previous Chinese Visas If you had multiple Chinese visas, please make a copy of your last visa. If the previous visa is in a different passport you will need to mail the old passport to our office.
  •  Completed Monument Visa Order Form: Click the order now button below.

 Fee for M Visa for China: $285 plus return shipping

Please Mail All Documents to:

Monument Visa Service
3925 Blenheim Blvd, Suite 53B
Fairfax, Virginia 22030