Just accepted a teaching job in China?

In order to get a work permit in China as an English Teacher, you will need to authenticate the following documents.

  • University Degree
  • Criminal Records Check(Can be local, state, or FBI. If you are going to use your local city/county level Criminal Records Check, please send a scan copy to your Prospective Employer first, to make sure it meets the requirements. Some local police checks do not meet the requirements for the work permit.)
  • 120 Hour TEFL Certificate(120 Hour TESOL, CELTA, Teaching License or BA/MA Education can substitute for the TEFL Certificate)

Monument Visa has partnered with Korvia to give Korvia Recruits a special rate for authenticating your documents. Unlike other agencies, Monument Visa will handle all 4 steps involved in order to get your documents authenticated by the Chinese Embassy, hence, saving you time and money.

Steps involved for authenticating your documents

  1. Notarize your document and authenticate at State Level(1 day)
  2. Submit to the Department of State for federal level authentication(4 days)
  3. Submit to the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC for the Chinese Embassy level authentication(4 days)

Once we pick up your authenticated documents from the Chinese Embassy, Monument Visa will scan the authenticated documents and send you by e-mail. For most cities in China, the scan will be enough for your employers to apply for your work permit.

Then, we will ship the hard copies back to you via shipping instructions. If you are in China, or anywhere else outside USA, we can FedEx your hard copies for an extra charge.

How to submit an order

  1. First, make a high quality color scans for all the documents you will need to authenticate. For your University Degree, TEFL Certificate, and local/state level Criminal Records Check, all we need is a scan.If you need to authenticate your FBI Criminal Records Check, you will need to send us the hard copy of the document. You can only send us the digital copy if the digital copy is from your Channeler.
  2. Scan a high quality color of your passport. We need both the photo page of your passport as well as the signature page. Must be clear scans. If the scan isn’t legible, the Chinese Embassy will reject the authentication application.
  3. Click Here To Fill Out the China Legalization Application Form. Complete as much as you can. When in doubt, just leave blank. After filling out the form, print the form, sign at the signature area, then scan the form and upload it on the order page.
  4. Fill out the online order form by clicking the Order Now button at the bottom of this page. You can upload all your scanned documents on the order form. FOR FBI Checks and Marriage/Birth Certificates, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ORDERING! When mailing us any documents, please print the order form. You will get a copy of your order form via email once you place the order.

Price List

Our normal fee is $170 per document, BUT Korvia has partnered with Monument Visa to give all their teachers a special price.

  • One Document- $125
  • Two Documents- $250
  • Three Document Package- $375

If you need to authenticate more than 3 documents, they are only $125 per documents that exceed 3 documents.

Monument Visa Mailing Address- If you need to send us FBI Criminal Records Check or Birth/Marriage Certificates, the address is below:

Monument Visa Service
12587 Fair Lakes Circle #331
Fairfax, Virginia 22033